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A forum to discuss things happening at North Union High School.
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 Here they are.

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Here they are. Empty
PostSubject: Here they are.   Here they are. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 03, 2008 10:31 pm

Alright so the first rules were a little wordy. But I needed somthing before you guys started posting.

Rule #1) The Chain of command goes from the bottom up. The guests/users are at the bottom. Then The moderators are there to monitor what you guys write. They have the authority to edit, delete, and censor posts. Then the Admins are next. On this forum they are GOD. But outside of the forum they are ordinary people. lol.

Rule #2) Keep everything PG-13. If the moderators or the Admins find something and deem it innapropriate, we will edit it and give you a warning. After that we WILL boot you if it happens again. (Everything on here is open to whoever can have an internet connection. We are representing our school.)

Rule #2a) Spam or anything that moderators consider spam (unecessary posts) WILL be deleted so help us out and dont post any!

Rule #3) No harrassment. Take your cat fights to the real world. Also, if you know the user's real name, DO NOT USE IT! unless it is in their username. We want to keep this as anonymous as possible.

Rule #3a) If you know who a person is in real life, do not use their real name on the forum. Also do not spread the identity of a user in the real world.

Rule #4) Stay on task. If the post really doesnt have much to do with the topic, it will be deleted. Remember, you can send personal messages to people.

Rule #5) If you have more than one account, please tell the Admin so he can get rid of one. It is too much of a hassle to have more than one per person. Also, if you do not post anything within 7 days of registering, your account will be deactivated.

Rule #6) Get your 2 cents in so have fun and get to it!!!

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Here they are.
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